North Bay Regional Health Centre

2016-17 Annual Report

Message from the CEO/Board Chair/Chief of Staff

Our vision is simple: working with you to be the best in health care.

Realizing this vision and becoming the best in health care means involving you—our staff, physicians, patients and families, and community partners in how we can best serve our communities.

This past year we launched a new strategic plan. Our new plan allows us to chart our course for the next three years and we couldn’t have been successful in defining our new directions without the opportunity to work closely with more than 1550 members of our region.

Our new directions focusing on health and wellness and health equity will provide us with opportunities to be creative and focused while ensuring we provide a sustainable and nimble health care system for our communities.

In this report, you will see the many ways we have innovatively and compassionately worked to become the best in health care. Despite our successes, we still have work to do and we look forward to working with you to be the best in health care.

Michael Lowe

Michael Lowe
Paul Heinrich

Paul Heinrich
Dr. Donald Fung

Michael Lowe
Chair, Board of Directors
North Bay Regional Health Centre
Paul Heinrich
President and CEO
North Bay Regional Health Centre
Dr. Donald Fung
Chief of Staff
North Bay Regional Health Centre


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NBRHC 2017-2019 Strategic Plan

In Spring 2016, the North Bay Regional Health Centre embarked on creating a new strategic plan.

We are pleased to share the North Bay Regional Health Centre’s 2017-2019 Strategic Plan.

Developed for our patients and with our patients, our Strategic Plan will act as a road map for the next three years--every direction, concept and objective will put the PATIENT FIRST.

We are grateful for the feedback we received from the 1550 members of our communities and through this we learned what is most important to those we serve-safety, wellness, technology, community engagement, cultural competency, access and collaboration.

These themes will help make our 2017-2019 Strategic Plan a reality by defining where we are going and how we will achieve our four strategic directions:

  • Access to the right care
  • Partnerships with purpose
  • Our people achieving their best
  • Wise choices

Our health care landscape is changing and this has challenged us to think innovatively about the work that we do and ensure that every decision we make continues to place our patients’ well-being above everything else.

Whether your role is at the bedside or in the boardroom, we all have a part to play in doing the right thing to ensure the delivery of equitable, ethical and high quality care that always supports our patient-first environment.

We look forward to working with you to be the best in health care.

Learn more about our Strategic Plan

We're pleased to provide you with the NBRHC Financial/Operating Statements.

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2016-17 Year in Review

Want to stay up-to-date on events and information about NBRHC? NBRHC Well Aware is designed to keep you up to date on changes to our services, new initiatives and news that impacts our communities.


% Reduction in long stay patients in Oak Lodge

% Increase in Mental Health Referrals

% Increase in Mental Health Admissions

% Reduction in Mental Health Wait Times (Referral to Admission)

% Mental Health Admitted from Referral

Pet Therapy Visits with Patients

Message from the Foundation CEO & Board Chair

In the 2016/2017 fiscal year we began creating a new vision for an opportunity that allows our community to have an impact on health care close to home.

We are grateful to our more than 100 Foundation volunteers, along with our patients and families who inspire our community through sharing their personal and compelling experiences of healing, recovery and sometimes loss.

This year, the Foundation provided more than $11.5 million to the Health Centre. Municipal support accounted for $9.6 million, the majority coming from the City of North Bay completing its commitment to the building fund for the new hospital. Your personal generosity helped the Foundation provide $1.7 million for urgently needed medical equipment and programs. In addition, $115,000 in gifts-in-kind were secured that have a direct impact on patient experiences.

The success of your communities’ fundraising effort is having a significant impact:

  • The GreenLight Laser for our fathers, husbands, brothers and sons has now been fully funded through your community support. Thank you.
  • By funding a substantial cost of establishing a healing environment for the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit (CAMHU), your community has ensured children have access to the mental health care they need, close to home. Thank you.
  • Because of your support, the hospital is taking steps toward implementing components of the Central Fetal Monitoring System for labour and delivery. Thank you.

Luc Lalonde

LucLa londe signature
Tammy Morison

Tammy Morison signature
Luc Lalonde
Chair, Board of Trustees
North Bay Regional Health Centre Foundation
Tammy Morison
President and CEO
North Bay Regional Health Centre Foundation


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