Kayley Gravelle’s Story

Grayson 2It was a typical summer night on a long weekend, when Kayley Gravelle noticed something was different about her son Grayson. He had the usual symptoms of the flu. He was run down and irritated, but a few slight differences made Kayley decided to take him to the Emergency Department to be safe.

“There were a few warning signs that something was different about this ‘flu’,” Kayley remembers. “In addition to the flu-like symptoms, Grayson’s eyes were a bit bloodshot and he had a small bump on the back of his neck,” she says. “As a mother I notice these small details, but it would have been easy for a doctor or nurse to overlook them.”

Hours after being admitted, Grayson was undergoing tests because of his small, but distinguishing symptoms. Not long after, he was diagnosed with a rare blood infection called Kawasaki disease. If not treated properly Kawasaki can cause serious complications, including damage to coronary arteries, causing long-term heart problems.

“I cannot express how grateful I am to the doctors and nurses at the North Bay Regional Health Centre,” Kayley states “Dr. Harman was on shift that day and because of her observation and fast response, Grayson was treated quickly. Even when he reacted to the medication, Dr. Harman found a way to treat him.”

Grayson is now in perfect health. Having been home for several months after his stay at the hospital for observation and testing, he is clear of any heart condition.

“Choosing to take part in the Grateful Family Program was easy. I want Dr. Harman to know how much I appreciate her care. Had she not been as diligent as she was, I don’t know what might have happened to my son. Giving back to the hospital gives me a chance to express that gratitude and helps make sure others receive the same quality of care that we received,” says Kayley.

To recognize a staff member or healthcare provider at NBRHC through the Grateful Family Program click the ‘donate now’ button and share your story in the comments or call 705.495.8125.

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