Discharge / Transportation

Your discharge from hospital
Our staff is committed to providing care and support while you’re here, which includes helping you plan for when you leave the hospital.

Part of your discharge plan includes how you will travel from the hospital to your home. Your care team will give you as much notice as possible regarding your discharge date and time, so that you make appropriate arrangements for transportation.

Does the hospital pay for my transportation home?
No. Arranging and paying for transportation home following a hospital stay, emergency visit, or appointment is every patient’s responsibility.

‘Home’ is considered one’s place of residence, and includes but is not limited, to a retirement home or a long-term care (LTC) facility, such as a nursing home.

Who will pick you up from the hospital?
You can decide on the appropriate mode of transportation based on your desired comfort level.

Family members and friends are generally the first choice for transportation following care. For a smooth transition, please identify someone ahead of time who can help transport you home or make arrangements for you.

If personal transportation is not available, speak to your care team as soon as possible to discuss which non-urgent transfer service works best for you.

Notify your care team of your specific arrangements at least 24 hours (if possible) before discharge.

When booking transportation services, please note:

  • You will need to contact the transportation company directly to arrange to pick you up.
  • These are private transportation agencies and the Health Centre accepts no liability with regards to their service.
  • When other means of transportation are not suitable and you require stretcher transportation, your care team will set up your ride home and you will receive a bill in the mail.

What happens if I am going to another hospital?
If you are discharged from North Bay Regional Health Centre and going to another hospital, then your care team will look after your transportation arrangements. There is no charge to patients or families for transfers between hospitals.

When being sent to an out-of-town hospital, you need the following:

  • Health Card (Ministry of Health)
  • Money and /or credit card
  • Travel clothing for trip home (coat, shoes, slacks, etc.)
  • Personal grooming items (toothbrush, comb, housecoat, slippers, etc.)

After your treatment/surgery is completed you may no longer require hospitalization and will be discharged from the out-of-town hospital by your Doctor. It is your responsibility to make travel arrangements home (car, bus, train, commercial air).

If at any time during your stay you have any questions or concerns about discharge, ask a member of your care team. We are here to help and support you in your recovery.

Questions regarding your medication should be directed to your physician. There is a wide selection of information for patients to take home with them. Ask your nurse if there is information available about your surgical procedure or condition.

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