Regional Aboriginal Mental Health Services

The Regional Aboriginal Mental Health Service (RAMHS) provides culturally appropriate supports to Aboriginal patients as they return home.

To build capacity within NBRHC, the service is involved in developing and facilitating educational opportunities regarding Aboriginal cultures and world views.

The service assists in case management and discharge planning with Aboriginal patients who are referred from the regional mental health programs of the North Bay Regional Health Centre. The service provides supports to treatment teams and patients while they are preparing for discharge from the hospital, and offers ongoing follow-up in their communities.

Services Provided May Include: 

In hospital services

  • Cultural support and advocacy
  • Discharge planning supports and resources
  • Providing cultural resources in community
  • Staff cultural awareness and education
  • Facilitation of family visits on site or via Telemedicine

Community services

  • Capacity building for patient’s returning home
  • Education and support
  • Clinical consultation and Peer support
  • Family support and advocacy
  • Patient follow up and support in community
  • Involvement in community and professional event planning
Regional Aboriginal Mental Health Services


Regional Aboriginal Mental Health Services

Tel: 705-474-8600 ext. 3509
Fax: 705-494-3189


Patient referrals are received internally through NBRHC only, at this time.

Requests for workshops, public education, and other services can be made by contacting RAMHS using one of the methods listed above.

North Bay

50 College Drive,
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Tel: 705-474-8600

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