Preschool Speech and Language Services Sudbury Manitoulin

Program Overview

Wordplay Jeux de mots Preschool Speech and Language Service provides a full range of accessible speech/language services to preschool children from birth to the time they start school in Sudbury Manitoulin. Services are provided in English and French and are available at clinics in Sudbury, Espanola, Little Current, St. Charles and Chapleau. Some services are also available in other community preschool programs including daycares, nursery schools and Best Start Hubs. Wordplay Jeux de mots Preschool Speech and Language Services are a component of the Ontario Preschool Speech and Language Program Initiative.

Services Offered

Our family centered intervention services includes assessments, consultations, parent training, home programs, individual and group programming. Wordplay Jeux de mots also provides transition services for those children transitioning to Junior Kindergarten. The parent or legal guardian is present during all programming. Intervention focuses on helping the parent learn how to help their own child in naturalistic environments.

We also provide Community In-services, Public Awareness and Education programs.

Referral Process

Parents, any agency or professional working with preschool children in Sudbury/Manitoulin can refer any child with a known or suspected speech/language delay or disorder or any child that they have concerns about his or her speech/language development between the ages of birth to school entry. There is no cost to the families and physician referrals are not required.

Referrals can be made through a toll free number 1-877-522-6655 or by calling locally:

Chapleau 705-864-0860
Espanola 705-869-1564
Manitoulin 705-368-2002
Sudbury 705-522-6655


Related Information:

About 10%, that is 1 in 10 children need help in developing normal speech and language skills. Without help, it’s a struggle to listen and talk, it’s difficult to learn to read, and it’s hard to play with other children.

Additional information about speech and language and other programs for children can be obtained from the following website:

Preschool Speech and Language Services Sudbury Manitoulin


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North Bay

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