Ontario Hospital Association President and CEO visits North Bay

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The President and CEO of the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA), Anthony Dale met with the North Bay Regional Health Centre Board and leadership Friday.

Much of the discussion focused on service delivery changes that have been happening in hospitals, across the province.

NBRHC Board discussion with Dale

“Walking down the halls in your facility I was blown away. You have a magnificent asset with a unique array of services that can play more and different roles in providing health services,” Dale told the Board.

Dale said the OHA supports Health System Funding Reform but at the same time recognizes that this is a big change for hospitals. However, in a zero-percent funding environment, hospitals must either adjust their services or change the way they deliver them.

“Proper capacity planning is needed in order for our health system to be effective. It’s about understanding the right mix of services and resources needed in a community, including the number of hospital beds, long-term care homes, assisted living spaces, home care hours needed, primary care and mental health services available,” said Dale.

Bd Chair Michael Lowe w DaleHospitals, with their respective health system partners, have already begun to work together in new models of care to better integrate the services required by their clients and communities, including Local Health Hubs. A Health Hub is a local, integrated health service delivery model where most, if not all sectors of the health system, are formally linked in order to improve patient access.

Moving to a local Health Hub model offers a number of benefits to patients, including: collaboration with public health to help address the broader health care needs of the community; and better support for quality improvement planning for local health systems in rural and Northern Ontario.

“We encourage the expansion of these innovative models of care that facilitate faster and easier movement of patients from a hospital bed to community care, and that also result in better and more cost-effective outcomes. The time is right to examine and consider new models of care, while at the same time being mindful of the impact on all health care providers,” said Dale.

The President and CEO of NBRHC and the NBRHC Board Chair are pleased that Dale took time to visit North Bay and meet with the Board. “The OHA represents the best interests of Ontario hospitals, supporting best practices, providing education and making our case to government and partner organizations. Anthony’s visit to North Bay is strong evidence of his commitment to represent the diverse needs of Ontario hospitals,” said Paul Heinrich, President and CEO, NBRHC.


Kathy Stackelberg
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