Birthing Unit Services

Care Partners for the Birthing Unit

  • Two support people are permitted for labour support.
  • Main support person can stay 24-hours a day/required to stay 24-hours after a caesarean birth.
  • For a caesarean birth, only one support person can accompany the patient in the operating room. Second support person can come after the recovery period is complete.
  • Regardless if a vaginal or caesarean birth, the second support person is required to leave within four hours of the baby being born.
  • Visitors with the exception of the main support person can come between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. with two people permitted at the bedside.
  • Siblings will be allowed.

Our Birthing Unit Services include:

Prenatal Clinic

Women in their 28th week of pregnancy who plan to give birth at the North Bay Regional Health Centre are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with our prenatal clinic. This pre-admission process is usually completed over the phone and is designed to streamline the admission process.

An Obstetrical Nursing Assessment and Nursing Care Plan are completed during this appointment. If identified, appropriate referrals are made. If the Physician/Midwife prescribes and orders RhoGAM TM injections, these can be administered at the Prenatal Clinic visit.

To book an appointment with the Prenatal Clinic, please call 705-474-8600 ext. 4755

Pre-admission Elective Caesarean Section Clinic

This appointment is typically in-person and takes approximately 30 minutes. This visit includes pre-operative blood work and education. Obstetricians will refer their patients to the clinic closer to the date of surgery.

Labour & Delivery

Our hospital has eight large labour, delivery and postpartum rooms, so mom and support person can remain in the same room for the duration of their stay.

Caesarean sections are performed in the Operative Birthing Suite on our unit. The immediate recovery care will be provided in the patient’s room on the Birthing Unit or in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU).

After delivery, the health care team will support the mother by offering maximum opportunity to learn about self and baby care, and to become comfortable in their new role as a parent. The minimum length of stay after a vaginal or caesarean birth is 24-hours and discharge will take place when mom and baby are medically stable.

Maternal/Newborn Clinic

Once mother and baby are ready for discharge from the hospital, they are offered a follow-up appointment at the Maternal Newborn Clinic. This appointment will occur within 24-72 hours of discharge from the hospital. Postpartum adjustment support and education as well as infant feeding and assessment are some of the services offered at the clinic. Links with community partners and support services, as the patients needs indicate, can be initiated at this visit.


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