Telephones, Television & Internet Bedside Services


Each room is now equipped with a telephone at no cost. These phones allow for nation-wide calling.

Payphones are located along Main Street, in the Cafeteria and in the Town Square (Regional Mental Health).

The use of Cellular Telephones and other electronic devices is permitted outside of patient care areas. The use of cell phone cameras or video is not permitted.

Television & Internet

A television/internet/streaming media unit is available at most bedsides in the Health Centre. With the purchase of a package, you will have access to 49 high definition channels, internet browsing and streaming media services (using your own personal streaming accounts).

Payment for Television & Internet services can be made securely at the bedside terminal using a credit card or a PayPal account. Services may also be purchased using cash, debit or a credit card at the Main Street Gift Shop.

Patients can dial ext 3380 for a Self Help services call director. This self-help service contains easy to follow information about purchasing services. For further technical assistance simply leave a voicemail.

The Health Centre offers Guest wi-fi access within the hospital (50 College Drive).

**Privately owned television sets and computers are not permitted in the Hospital.**

Telephones, Television & Internet Bedside Services


Patient Entertainment System Service Desk is available from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. on weekdays and can be reached by calling ext. 3380.


24 hours $11.00 (incl HST)
3 Days $27.00 (incl HST)
7 Days $55.00 (incl HST)
30 Days $170.00 (incl HST)

Important Note: There are absolutely NO refunds for unused days as discounts are applied for longer stays.

North Bay

50 College Drive,
P.O. Box 2500
North Bay, ON
P1B 5A4
Tel: 705-474-8600

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680 Kirkwood Drive,
Sudbury, ON
P3E 1X3
Tel: 705-675-9193
Fax: 705-675-6817

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