Stress Test

This test is an initial screen for blockages to the heart. You will walk on a treadmill while your heart and blood pressure are monitored in a supervised environment. The treadmill will start slowly; gradually the speed and incline will increase during the test. The Internal Medicine physician will determine the end point of the test based on heart rate, ECG tracing, symptoms and capability. This varies from patient to patient.

Nuclear Stress Test (MIBI Stress Test)

This test is ordered to look at how blood is flowing to your heart muscle. The test is done on 2 separate days. It is important that you attend both appointment dates.

Resting Scan: On one appointment day, you will receive an injection of a low-dose radioactive tracer. This is required to take images of your heart at rest under a camera.

Exercise Scan: On the other appointment day, generally in the same week, you will require an Intravenous port setup in your arm.   You will walk on a treadmill that will gradually increase the speed and incline during the test. You will receive an injection of a low-dose radioactive tracer while you are walking. After the injection images of your heart will be taken under a camera. The two images are compared to determine if there is underlying heart disease. If abnormal you may be referred to a Cardiologist.

**Patients who are unable to walk safely on a treadmill will receive a medication called Persantine (Dipyridamile) which replaces exercise.   It is administered by an Internal Medicine specialist.

Stress Test


Stress Test

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