Congestive Heart Failure Clinic

The Heart Failure Clinic located at North Bay Regional Health Centre is an outpatient clinic which provides care to patients with heart failure requiring the expertise of a Cardiologist.

The Heart Failure Clinic is part of an integrated care model for patients with heart failure. It is a multidisciplinary clinic including a Cardiologist, Nurse Practitioner with an educator/care coordinator who have training in caring for patients with heart failure.

The goal of the clinic is to provide evidence-based care to optimize quality of life, improve symptom management and prevent heart failure-related emergency department visits and hospital admissions.

The Heart Failure Clinic provides:

  • Assessment by a nurse practitioner or Cardiologist
  • Evaluation to determine the cause of heart failure and monitoring of the condition
  • Education to help patients understand heart failure
  • Self-monitoring strategies to reduce the risk of symptoms reoccurring
  • Prescription of evidence-based medications and optimization of these therapies

How to access the clinic

Patients are seen by referral. Referrals must meet referral criteria and be completed by a physician or nurse practitioner. To refer a patient for the Heart Failure Clinic, complete the referral form and fax to 705-495-8116.

Educational material and resources for patients, families and caregivers about heart failure:

*This service was made possible by a larger collective community effort, including Nipissing Wellness Ontario Health Team, to better support patients with heart failure.*

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