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NBRHC is committed to providing person-centred, diverse, inclusive, high quality and safe care to its patients. The Health Centre supports family presence while in care at the hospital and recognizes that patients define their care partner(s). Our teams understand that patients define how their care partners will be involved in care, care planning, and decision making.

The care needs of certain patient populations may necessitate setting a maximum amount of care partners on specific units. Generally, care partners and visitors will be encouraged to attend the hospital between 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Some areas may have specific times set based on the care needs of their patients. Also, in times of crisis where access to the hospital requires restriction, NBRHC will embrace a philosophy of care partner inclusion as appropriate ensuring a balance between safety and inclusion.

Masking Requirements

Effective Monday November 27, 2023 the Health Centre will require masks in all patient designated areas.

This applies to all patients, care partners, visitors, employees, volunteers, physicians and contractors.

Why is NBRHC changing its masking policy?

The decision to move to masking again in all patient designated areas was determined by our current level of hospitalizations from respiratory viruses and community transmission.

 Where are masks required?

  • Masks are required in all areas that are designated for patient care.
    • This includes all outpatient clinics and waiting areas (medical imaging, lab, clinics) and the Emergency Department.
  • In all inpatient units including common spaces.

 Masks will be available at the main entrances and entrances to units/clinics.

Where are masks optional?

Masks are optional in public and staff areas like hallways, team nursing stations, break and meeting rooms, cafeteria, Tim Hortons, and Town Square.

Masks are still welcome in all areas where they are not required. Please respect each person’s decision to wear or not wear a mask.

Visitors who feel unwell are asked to postpone visiting loved ones until they feel well. 

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