Sexual Assault Treatment Centre

If you require emergency medical assistance, call 911

For all questions including assistance after an assault call 705-474-8600 ext. 4500 or email

Services are still provided during the covid-19 pandemic.

The Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Program and Treatment Centre at NBRHC is an individualized service available to survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence. The program provides emergency health care and psychosocial support, as well as follow up care, by specially trained nurses.

The care provided to all victims and survivors is patient-centered and focuses on choices made by the victim/survivor. We are here to support you and help you do what you know is best for your overall health and well-being.

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence victims who come to North Bay Regional Health Centre for treatment will be provided care 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

What happens to me when I arrive at the Emergency Department?

Upon arrival, you will be registered, and then a triage nurse will determine what your immediate needs are. Care will be provided only with the patient’s informed consent. You may consent to some, all or none of the care options.  If you decline to consent, you will not be denied medical treatment. You may withdraw your consent to any of the options at any time during the visit. This initial care may include all or part of the following.

  • Treatment of injuries
  • Assessment and documentation of injuries
  • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI’s)
  • Treatment to prevent pregnancy (Morning after pill)
  • HIV post exposure prophylaxis (only available within 72 hours of sexual assault)
  • Baseline testing and follow up testing for STI’s, Hepatitis B, C, HIV
  • Collection of forensic evidence, including photographic documentation
  • Risk assessment and safety planning
  • Follow up examinations
  • Referral to individualized counseling
  • Police involvement (with your permission we can help you make the call to request police assistance). We will also support your decision not to involve police.
  • Referral to community resources such as emergency housing, counseling, victim assistance and many others.
  • Confidential, sensitive, non-heterosexist approach
  • Preservation of evidence for up to one year

What does the Nurse (SANE) Examiner do?

The Nurse Examiner is here for you only. They conduct and stay with you throughout the assessment, treatment and discharge phases of your care. 

The Nurse Examiner takes a health history, examines you from head to toe, and provides medication to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. In addition, they offer medications to prevent Hepatitis B to those who aren’t already immunized and post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV (the virus which causes AIDS). Testing for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections is also provided, and counselling is offered in relation to the range of possible reactions to sexual assault. If required and requested the nurse will collect forensic evidence that can be utilized in a police investigation or placed in a secure evidence locker for up to one year. Finally, the Nurse Examiner also ensures you are discharged to a safe place.

During Optional Follow-Up

Follow up is available. The nurse clinican will always call to follow up, and from there survivors can choose

  • Reassessment of injuries
  • Further consideration for safety
  • Continuing treatment for HIV and monitoring of STI’s
  • Further photographs
  • Appropriate referrals

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault in a broad definition is “ANY form of sexual activity with another person without their consent”

Domestic Violence/Intimate partner violence

Intimate Partner Violence is any form of violence with someone who is or has been in a relationship. It may include physical assault, emotional, psychological, sexual and spiritual abuse. It can include threats to harm children, other family members, pets and property. The violence is used to intimidate, humiliate or frighten or make you powerless.

What You Should Know

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence are traumatic events and can be disruptive to your life. YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME If you have been assaulted you may:

  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Feel anxious
  • Feel isolated, helpless and angry, as well as fearful and out of control
  • Experience guilt
  • Be worried about how family, friends, co-workers or community may react to your experience.

Both Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence are criminal acts

Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Treatment Centre is a program of the North Bay Regional Health Centre and is affiliated with the Ontario Network of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence.

The Ontario Network of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centres is made up of 35 hospital-based centres that provide 24/7 emergency care to anyone who has been sexually assaulted or who are victims or survivors of domestic violence (intimate partner) abuse. Services include: emergency medical and nursing care, crisis intervention, collection of forensic evidence, medical follow-up and counselling and referral to community resources.

Recognizing that the effects of sexual and domestic violence are complex and cannot be met by any one agency, the program also works with community agencies to provide a continuum of care for survivors.

Sexual Assault Treatment Centre

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Sexual Assault Treatment Centre

Please contact the Department of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence for further information:

Tel: 705-474-8600 ex. 4478

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Amelia Rising Sexual Assault Centre

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Resources/Information on Sexual Abuse

Resources/Information on Sexual Abuse

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Sexual Assault Treatment Services

Sexual Assault Treatment Services

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