Mînowacihewin – Regional Service for Indigenous People

Indigenous peoples’ experience disproportionately higher rates of health issues compared to the general population due to the impacts of historical colonization. The Mino team provides culturally relevant support to Indigenous peoples through a holistic and balanced approach to health and wellness.

The goal of our program is to acknowledge Indigenous peoples ancestry and to honor and support their lineage of coming from a culture with a distinct Worldview. Our role also includes education to clients, staff, and other community agencies in building capacity to promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Our services are offered to clients through our internal referral process, initiated by the health care team or requested by clients directly. Our team plays an integral role in clinical consultation, discharge planning, and setting up supports and resources within the community. We engage clients in opportunities to participate in cultural events, teachings, and community support throughout their admission. We also provide client follow-up and community based outreach support as required upon discharge from the hospital.

Community liaison workshops and educational sessions can be provided upon request.

Mînowacihewin – Regional Service for Indigenous People


Regional Service for Indigenous People

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