Dual Diagnosis Inpatient Unit (Birch Maple Lodge)

Birch Maple Lodge provides short-term (up to 18 months) inpatient assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for adults with a moderate to profound developmental disability and mental health concerns (dual diagnosis). The goal is to assist patients in asserting themselves in their care planning to enhance quality of life and wellness, decrease behavioural challenges, teach new skills, and improve relationships.

Birch Maple Lodge will:

  • Provide specialized assessment and treatment
  • Help patients keep and return to their homes
  • Provide patient and family centred care plans that meet needs and can transfer to the community
  • Meet needs with programming based on interest and ability level
  • Consider the whole person in the context of their life
  • Provide highly skilled interprofessional team who will work with patients, families and community-based services to promote recovery and to alleviate symptoms and behaviours that are barriers to community living.

Admission Criteria

  • Individual must be 18 years of age or older
  • Residing within the catchment area of NBRHC
  • Medically stable
  • Has a moderate to profound developmental disability and exhibits behaviours that may be attributable to a mental illness
  • The individual needs a diagnostic assessment and treatment that cannot be effected in the community
  • The individual lives in a setting which cannot ensure that therapy will be carried out as ordered
  • The individual has a significant medical illness, which might complicate treatment with psychotropic medication
  • Has exhausted our DDS Outpatient Service (or equivalent in Sudbury) and the MCSS specialized services including the North Community Network of Specialized Care
  • No current criminal charges/active legal restrictions. Specifically:
    • If found Fit to Stand Trial, not appropriate for Birch Maple Lodge admission
    • If individual has outstanding charges, not appropriate for Birch Maple Lodge admission
    • If a Disposition Order has been resolved, may be appropriate for Birch Maple Lodge admission
    • If still on a Disposition Order (with involvement from Forensic Psychiatrist and Outreach worker), may be appropriate for admission to Birch Maple Lodge in partnership, to be determined on a case-by-case basis
  • Have a signed letter of commitment from the referring agency/service.

When prioritizing admissions, we consider the following principles:

  • Wait time
  • Acuity
  • Patient mix
  • Ensuring a direct admission pathway as much as possible (i.e., from community to hospital)
  • Regional equity


Dual Diagnosis Inpatient Unit (Birch Maple Lodge)


Dual Diagnosis Inpatient Unit (Birch Maple Lodge)

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