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Holidays in the Emergency Room

The holidays are a busy time for everyone – including our Emergency Department.

Learn some easy ways to prepare for a healthier holiday.


North Bay Walk-In Clinics – 2013 Holiday Season Hours


Effective Engagement and Partnership Drives 46% Savings and Standardization for the North Bay Regional Health Centre

Hospitals across the country are constantly under pressure to minimize costs and become more efficient, while improving patient care.  A key strategy that North Bay Regional Health Centre (NBRHC) utilizes to address these challenges is to maximize their participation in HealthPRO contracts, from Clinical and Capital Equipment to Pharmacy and Nutrition and Food services.

“By joining as many of these national contracts as possible, we benefit from high quality products from reputable suppliers at the very best price, enabling us to invest more money in bedside care” says Paul Heinrich, President and CEO, NBRHC.  “In fact, the most recent clinical contracts we committed to are positioned to generate savings of up to 46 per cent for our facility.”

A cornerstone to the success of these contracts is a focused effort on engagement and collaboration with frontline users.  This begins with HealthPRO’s unique prequalification process which engages registered nurses, risk managers, and subject matter experts from across the country who ensure products meet hospitals’ robust clinical requirements.  Lise Morris, Inventory Buyer and Chair of the NBRHC Product Evaluation Committee, then engages her own internal stakeholders to ensure they make the best decision for their facility. “The knowledge of prequalified suppliers and contract scope prior to contract commitment ensures we can provide our clinicians with all the pertinent details to help facilitate our decision-making, while tools such as HealthPRO’s Decision Support Toolkit help us determine the best value.”

This comprehensive process ensures that NBRHC can obtain consensus on contract decisions, leading to consistency and standardization throughout the hospital’s site.

NBRHC’s Cancer Clinic is Not Closing

We know there has been a lot of confusion in our community around what is happening with the satellite Cancer Clinic located at the North Bay Regional Health Centre and how it affects our current and future patients.

We want to try and help clear up any misunderstanding with with the following key facts you need to know right now.