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NBRHC responding to Omicron variant

The North Bay Regional Health Centre (NBRHC) is taking increased measures to protect and preserve our hospital’s capacity to provide care where it is needed most.

The increasing community spread of the Omicron variant is being felt at NBRHC. Currently, the following factors are affecting our ability to operate smoothly:

To help address our COVID-19 pressures and to preserve bed and human resource capacity, the Health Centre is taking the following measures:

NBRHC President and CEO Paul Heinrich says the hospital’s health care workers have been working tirelessly for nearly two years, and need the community’s support to keep going. “I know this is not where anyone of us wanted to be at this stage in the pandemic, but we need everyone to help slow the spread,” Heinrich says. “Please continue to follow public health guidelines, get vaccinated or boosted if you haven’t already, and stay home if you have mild COVID-19 symptoms that can be safely managed at home.”


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